Fint Oasis


The Fint oasis is built on the side of a rock, 12 kilometers from the city of Ouarzazate, in an isolated area between reg and Rocky Mountains. It is made up of four tiny villages: Tahrbalite, Belrizi, Timoula, and Wangarf), which are surrounded by a small palm grove that extends for a few kilometers along the Wadi Fint.

The peasant inhabitants rely mostly on crop cultivation, growing fields, and gardens while fairly distributing irrigation water and farmland on the banks of the oasis's Wadi. In terms of flora and wildlife, there are many bird species nests in the rocks all surrounding the oasis.

Fint's oasis provides a variety of tourist activities such as hiking or donkey treks, mountain bike or quad excursions, bivouac organization, and so on. It is also a place where one may still discover and appreciate a kind and hospitable population's traditional and ancient way of life.

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