The Ighrem N’Ougdal Attic


In the Anti and High Atlas areas, the collective attic, also known as ighrem or agadir, is a building separated from the village. It is a warehouse for crops and other products. Each family's leader owns one or more individual case boxes, to which he/she holds the key and is responsible for its maintenance, while the common areas' maintenance is done collectively. Security of the place is ensured by a designated person, while management is the responsibility of the village council.
Ighrem N'Ougdal, a fortified fortress with towers built on a steep site, is a prominent example of these Moroccan High Atlas collective granaries.
It was built at the end of the 17th century and is used by the residents of neighboring villages to store goods as well as deposit archives and valuable items. The structure includes 84 case boxes, besides 12 surveillance towers. The attic was restored in 1975, 1994, and 1999 to preserve this ancestral architectural legacy. Visits have started since 2012.

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