The Kasbah of Telouet


The Telouet Kasbah is a magnificent 19th-century Kasbah. It is a citadel symbol of strength and dignity that combines a majestic residence with a military command control post of the entire region's caravan road.

The Telouet Kasbah was a remarkable combination of fortification, castle, and caravanserai. This remarkable jewel mixes traditional Amazigh architecture with a more oriental, Hispano-Moorish style, evoking the picture of magnificence that the medieval masters wished to project to the world. The lavishly decorated walls and ceilings, decorated with rich motifs and patterns, demonstrate the luxury in which the Glaoua, the Kasbah's proprietors, lived.

For centuries, the village of Telouet was an essential site of transit for caravans required to pay a royalty to the Glaoui tribe. The Pasha of Marrakech constructed a palace to this stronghold around the beginning of the twentieth century.

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