Drâa Valley


The Draa Valley is a vast oasis, with a line of palm trees interrupted by roughly fifty kasbahs and ksours. The middle Draa Valley runs for approximately 200 kilometers and covers over 23,000 kilometers. The Draa river is the longest in Morocco. It ends by flowing into the Atlantic Ocean near Tan-Tan.
The Draa valley is bordered to the north by Jbel Saghro, to the east, by the northern ascent of the Jbel Bani, to the south by the Hamada du Drâa, and to the west by the Anti-Atlas massif. The most stunning scenery awaits you as you go along the valley to M'hamid: palm trees, fruit orchards, kasbahs, and ksour.
The Draa Valley has bioclimatic Saharan weather. The annual rainfall average is quite low, decreasing from north to south. The topography of the region is divided among valleys, mountains, plains, and desert plateaus. The palm groves spread out in the center of huge arid plateaus, give the impression of incredible wealth.

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