NOOR’s Solar Complex


The Noor solar complex is 20 kilometers far north of Ouarzazate, and it covers an area of 3000 hectares. It is a worldwide pilot site implemented and maintained by MASEN (Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy). It brings together four solar power plants (Noor I, II, III, and IV) that generate energy using various technologies.

The power produced in the long term is on the order of 580MW; it should cover 7% of the country's consumption, demonstrating Morocco's political commitment within the scope of its climate plan (52% of alternative energies in 2030).
The Noor complex, the world's largest multi-technology solar production facility, also includes a research and development platform, a showroom-type "showcase" building that combines an exhibition space with an auditorium, and a panoramic tower that gives a sense of the site's remarkable scale.

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